Blog Makeover

blog redesign pics
It's makeover week! No, I'm not talking about America's Next Top Model... If you've been following me for a while you'll know I make tweaks to my design every now and then but after spending a long three days messing around with HTML and CSS coding, I have finally redesigned my blog completely - I was looking to start from scratch but it made me want to pull my hair out proved to be quite difficult so instead I made my own adjustments to the 'Simple' template available on Blogger.

Big changes I made:

  • Added new blogs to my blog roll 
  • Re-designed my archive
  • Added a contact form so it's easier to get in touch
  • Added new pages including 'about me' and 'follow
  • Re-designed my header and homepage (it's now wider which means I can upload larger images!)

What do you think? I get bored very quickly so if I change it again in a few days, don't be surprised ha-ha. ;-)